Technical Support

Stellar Technology Consulting provides on site and remote (via the Internet) technical service for its customers. In addition, we operate a telephone/email Help Desk for those problems or questions that can be solved and answered easily be phone or email. Contact us today for information on our service contracts, response policies and rates.

Data Mining

We believe strongly that the data in your CRM solution database can be one of your company's biggest assets. But most companies don't know how to "mine" their database to tell them the story of where they've been and where they're going.

Stellar Technology Consulting will query your database and generate periodic reports that will provide statistics about your best customers and the characteristics of your worst prospects, give details about your average sales cycle time line, analyze the success of various marketing and lead-generation programs, and tell you on an individual basis about employee program usage and compliance. These reports can become valuable tools as you plan target-marketing programs and restructure sales and marketing efforts.


Stellar provides customized on-site and remote training for all clients. We will teach your team how to achieve sales results by leveraging your CRM solution which will increase your organization's productivity and efficiency.


Even with the best preventive maintenance procedure, sometimes things can go wrong, and databases will become corrupted. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, you can contact us to help you.